Pinterest Challenge - Day 17 - Trading Wine for Weights

Day 17 Pinspiration - Click here for a link to my pin 

 Gotta give credit where credit is due - this pin came from Daily Skinny @ Tumblr.

My Version - Trading Wine for Weights

After my fat filled weekend of Nutella Monkey Munch and Football Queso Blanco I decided I needed to get my butt in gear and get back on a good fitness plan.  My typical nightly routine involves a run, dinner, putting the little one to bed, then relaxing with a glass of wine!  But for the next 30 days...I am trading my wine for weights.  Instead of sitting down and enjoying wine time each night, I am going to do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred instead (well all but the weekends...wine is a must on Friday and Saturday night but I will do the Shred during the day).  I have lost 13 pounds since February but really hit a plateau and can't seem to kick start the weight loss again.  

I was looking for a workout that didn't take much time but was effective...Pinterest to the rescue...I looked up several workouts but the 30 Day Shred won out.  So why did I like this one better than the others...

a) Time Commitment - Having a full time job and a little one doesn't give me a ton of free time to dedicate to working out.  This requires about 25 minutes a day for 30 days...not to shabby.

b) Strength Training - I run 4-5 times a week so I don't really need a ton of extra cardio.  I am in a good place with what I'm doing there but I need to add in some weights and strength training.  Jillian combines cardio, strength and abs for a complete workout.

c) Price - This cost me NOTHING!!!  I can pull up all the levels on YouTube using my husbands Play Station.  So I don't have to invest anything but my time.

d) Results - I have read lots of reviews and people are losing 4-10 pounds in 30 days.  

And I can't believe I am actually doing this...but here is a picture of me today.  Yikes!  A big thanks to Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally who gave me the courage to put it all out there.

And my before measurements:
Weight - 152 pounds
Waist - 31"
Hip - 39.75"
Left Thigh - 23.75"
Right Thigh - 23.5"
Chest - 35.25"
Left Arm - 11"
Right Arm - 11.5"

28 more days to go...hopefully to a more shredded me :)  Check out my results here.

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  1. Get it girl! I can't wait to see the transformation :)

  2. Meredith... You do not look 150 lbs. You have tiny legs-- this will not be a problem for you. Seriously. Try to eat as clean as you can while you're doing the shred... and LOTS of water. Flush all the bad stuff out.

    I am so proud of you... Two days down! Would it be easier if I mailed you my DVD? I emaile dthe girl who asked for it yesterday, but she never responded.

    My email is: holly.j.stanfield@gmail.com

    Cheers to the next 28 days!! :)

  3. Get it, get it!! You can do it!! I agree with wine is a must on Friday and Saturday.

  4. Yay! So glad you're doing the Shred. I'm proud of you for posting your picture. You are the second blog in my reader than has posted their before pic today. I think this is a sign I need to post my before and current pictures!

  5. You go girl. I am rooting for you and I can't wait to see the end results. I loved seeing Holly's and I think you girls ROCK. I am thinking about starting the shred after my half-maraton on the 7th. Way to put yourself out there - you are too cute:)

  6. The 30DS will help with toning for sure. I love a good before & after & it'll help you to stick with it! You'll also be glad you took the before when you can compare upon completion. Rock on!

  7. Awesome! I am on day 5 of the Shred. I have been trying to get myself motivated to start the 30DS since the beginning of July and that same before/after shot you pinned was one of the ones that motivated me. I can't wait to check out your after shot. Oh, I am a follower now. =)

  8. Thank you all for your encouragement! It's so nice to have you all as motivators :)

  9. Great idea, hope you see great results! I've been doing Jillian's Ripped in 30 that I checked out from the library!