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Well...I did not meet my goal of running a 10K in July.  Sorry folks but it is just too damn hot (excuses, excuses - I know) - but it is Texas in July!  

I am however continuing to run at least 4 times a week and have been doing between 2-3 miles each day.  So, it isn't an epic fail just a small hiccup.  The heat has really prevented me from being able to run the distances that I need to run in order to hit the weekly goals.  I am dying by mile 3 and dizzy and drenched.

I am planning on doing a race sometime in the fall so I can actually hit this goal :)

On another note...here is a little background about how this momma started on this running journey:

In the Spring of 2011, I made up my mind that I was going to run a 5K by the end of 2011.  I was SO out of shape and literally started out walking for 60 seconds and running for 30 seconds.  That was literally all I could do and I was huffing and puffing the entire time.  But it didn't take too long before I was running 60 seconds, then 2 minutes, then 3...and so on.  I even got my coworkers on board to run with me and having someone to keep you accountable and make you do it definitely helps.

Then summer hit...and it was HOT!  But I kept on going...I was determined to make that goal.  I was only able to run a little over a mile at a time and some of it was walking.  My pace was about 13-14 minutes per mile (which is really bad) but I was trying.  I finally got up to 2 miles in August and ended up moving inside to the treadmill.  By September, the weather started to cool down, so I headed back outside and improved my pace (around 12:45 minutes per mile).

October 9th!!!  I did it...I finally ran 3.1 miles (5K) - although it wasn't a REAL race, I did it!  This however gave me the confidence (to not embarrass myself) I needed to sign up for a REAL race.  D Day was November 12 at Dorothy's Dash.  I kept running through October and November and really improved my pace, I was down to averaging between 10:30-11:30 minutes per mile.

My first REAL race was Dorothy's Dash and I actually surprised myself - my official time was 31:50 (10:16 minutes per mile) and I was number 11 out of 21 for my age group.  I was very PROUD of myself!  Not only was it the fastest pace I'd ever run but I didn't die, embarrass myself or come in last.

So...if you are out there thinking I can't do this...you CAN!!!  I didn't do the Couch to 5K in 6 weeks or put goals on myself that I knew were unattainable.  I just kept on improving and it was a SLOW process for me.  Like many of you, this isn't the first blog I've read where someone says I didn't think I could do it but look what I've done...with their 8 minute miles and 6 week training programs.  Don't let other people discourage you and your ability, so what you run a 15 minute mile - you did it.

So put your shoes on and get out there.  Here are a few inspirations or runspirations that helped me as I got started:
  • Get a running buddy - someone that will push you to go and run.  Everyone has days when they just don't feel like it and having someone there to make you put your shoes on and get out there always helps.     
  • Set an attainable goal - do not go out and kill yourself.  Be realistic and start slow!  Going too fast or trying to do too much can cause you to get burnt out or get injured.  It literally took me 9 months to get to where I wanted to be.     
  • Get in a routine - I can't emphasize how much this helps.  Once you've made yourself do it for about two weeks it becomes easier (I promise).  And trust me there were days I had to make myself do it even though in my head I was thinking of any logical reason to not put those shoes on.
  • Schedule a time to run - I have a full time job and a family too.  Trust me I have used the excuse "I don't have time."  But if you schedule it with yourself and your spouse then you can do it.  If there were days I missed, then I would do 2 days in a row.  My schedule had to be somewhat flexible to accommodate my working late, family functions, etc but I always tried to make it up if I missed or find an alternative time that day.
  • Get some good tunes - this helps me get inspired as I run and keeps me upbeat.  Don't laugh but my favorite running song when I first started was the Kevin Rudolph "Let it Rock" and every time that song came on I ran a little faster or a little longer.  So find some music that excites you and put it on your ipod.  There are also all kinds of running apps now and even a station on Pandora that plays fitness music.  
Are you inspired yet?  To keep from boring all of you, I will continue my running story from 2012 later so stay tuned to the Jog Blog :)

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Crazy Cousins

My niece and sister in law came to town last weekend and the girls had a BLAST!  They are from Nacogdoches and came for 4 days.  The girls (Kenzie - 8 & Addi - 2) wore each other out from early morning to late night.  We were VERY busy - we went to a carnival, a movie (Addi's first), swimming, the park and played in the sprinklers with playdough, dancing, fort making, doll playing and riding bikes mixed in between.  Here are some of the highlights:

Silly Girls!

Dancin! Dancin! Dancin!

Playing in the Sprinklers...Even Mammy couldn't resist :)

We loved having them here and were sad to see them go home.  Addi still gets up in the mornings and asks where Kenzie and Aunt Krystal are.  

And I apologize for the horrible pictures...Addi broke my camera so I'm just using my Iphone and it is not the best...hoping for a new one VERY soon. 
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