Pinterest Challenge - Day 6 - Giving Jar

Day 6 Pinspiration - Click here for a link to my pin

Gotta give credit where credit is due - this pin came from Squido.

My Version - Giving Jar

I love giving at Christmas!  Seriously...I get more excited about seeing everyone else's faces when they open the really cool gift I got them way more than getting gifts.  But more importantly I think it's important to give to those who are truly in need or have fallen on hard times.

I think giving is a very important character trait to pass on to my daughter.  I saw the "Christmas Jar" on Pinterest and knew immediately that we would be doing this in our house this fall.

The entire concept is about giving anonymously - so in other words selfless giving.  You put all your spare change in the jar and once it goes in, it doesn't go out.  Around Christmas time you leave the jar for a neighbor, coworker, friend, etc on their porch, car or desk.  No names on the jar just a special message telling them "Merry Christmas!"

Addison helped me paint the jar (it took us 2 days) but we finished it tonight and put our first coins in there.  We decided to paint the interior of the jar (a) because a toddler was painting it and I didn't want it everywhere (b) it just looks really cool.

Here are the supplies we used: Large Mason Jar, Red Paint, Glitter, Scrapbook Paper, Ribbon

Addison started the painting of the jar...and she got bored so we put a bunch of paint in the bottom and let her swirl it around...and she got bored so she painted the paper plate instead :)

Here is what the inside looked like wet...once all the paint got swirled around, we put it upside down to drain for a few hours then let it dry for 24 hours.

After it was totally dry inside, we cut a circle with scrapbook paper and put a hole in the top.  After we put it all together, Addi and I talked about what we were going to do with the jar and put our first coins in.

And here she is explaining what the jar is all about:

I hope this inspires everyone to give during this holiday season!

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  1. I love, the idea, I am going to do it too.

  2. Great idea! Your daughter is adorable :)