Mommy Daughter Date - Donuts in the Park

Today was our first Mommy Daugther Date!  Addi was so excited this morning when I told her that she got to open one of her envelopes.

Today's date card!

We stopped by our favorite donut shop (where they always add in some extra donut holes) and of course Addi picked a donut with sprinkles! What 2 year old does not love sprinkles?  Then we headed to a fun park to play before going to school.

She also wanted a bite of mommy's donut so she was double fisting it - one cinnamon sugar and one with sprinkles (I feel bad for her teachers).

Yummy!  Please excuse the unkept mommy look...I was running after dropping her at school and didn't want to get ready and then get sweaty and get ready again.

Loving the park and the slide :)  

On another note...I LOVE Fridays that I have off work.  I get to run in the morning when it's cool, get my grocery shopping done before the mad weekend rush and enjoy some extra time with my family.  Oh yeah and it's pizza night (and wine night) so I don't have to cook :)  

And for those of you following my Pinterest Challenge...you get a bonus blog...yep 2 blogs in one day.  I will post my Pinterest Challenge later today :)

stay tuned for next month's date:

Monster Mayhem at the Library and Cici's Pizza lunch

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  1. Your "unkept mommy look" is great. Totally understandable! I often do my housework in my pajamas so that I don't shower, sweat and need another shower! I'm loving your blog! Glad I finally decided to follow you...I've seen it and meant to, but never did. I love the looks of it. Great job!

  2. I bet your daughter loved this! Friday is when I grocery shop too. Don't want to waste precious weekend time with my husband grocery shopping, but I also don't want to be eating cereal the whole weekend because we have no food ;)