Pinterest Challenge - Day 15 - Nutella Obsessed!

Day 15 Pinspiration - Click here for a link to my pin 

 Gotta give credit where credit is due - this pin came from Chef In Training.

My Version - Nutella Monkey Munch

I have a new obsession...Nutella!  I have always loved Ferrero Roche candy but never realized that Nutella was what was inside.  After I made the Nutella cookies I went out searching for other yummy Nutella recipes.  I'm a sucker for puppy chow, chocolate trash, really anything that is crunchy and sweet.  I got the recipe from Chef In Training who has tons of different puppy chow variations.

Here is my variation:

Take one stick of butter, 3/4 cup chocolate chips and 3/4 cup white chocolate chips.  Put them in a double boiler and melt them all together. Chef In Trainings recipe says to add 1 cup of Nutella after you remove it from the heat but next time I'm going to try melting the Nutella in...the chocolate mixture was really hard to mix into the chex.  I also might add a few tablespoons of milk or cream to thin it out a little bit.

Measure 12 oz (13 cups) of corn or rice Chex Cereal and pour the Chocolate/Nutella mixture on top and mix until all the Chex is covered.

I ended up using my hands to mix it up because a spoon just wasn't working. Next I put half the Chex and about a half cup of powdered sugar in a gallon bag and shook it like crazy.  I added more sugar if it looked like it needed a little more of a coating.  Then I did the other half and poured it in a bowl to devour...bet you can't eat just one :)

This recipe made a ton of Monkey Munch...if you have a small family like I do then you could easily half the recipe.

I also made Nutella Monkey Munch sundaes out of it and I'm telling you this is the BEST Sundae I've ever put in my mouth.  It is Blue Bell the Great Divide (Chocolate & Vanilla), Nutella thined out with a little milk or cream and Nutella Monkey Munch on top.  If you make the Monkey Munch you have to make this sundae.

Enjoy this super yummy, super sweet treat!

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  1. Nutella is dangerous! I love that stuff. My new favorite nutella "recipe" is to mix it with plain greek yogurt. It makes a great fruit dip. The recipe calls for 2 parts yogurt, 1 part nutella. SO good!

  2. Nutella + banana + waffles= Heaven. I agree with Carrie- Nutella is dangerous!

  3. I had NO idea that Nutella was what was in the middle of Ferrero Roche!

  4. I will have to make this!