Pinterest Challenge - Day 26 - Magic Microwave Cleaner

Day 26 Pinspiration - Click here for a link to my pin

Gotta give credit where credit is due - this pin came from One Good Thing By Jilliee.

My Version - Magic Microwave Cleaner

Over this Pinterest Challenge I seem to be getting more brave each day.  I typically cover most things I put in the microwave but sometimes I get lazy forget so there are splatters everywhere.  And the one that I forget that splatters the most is melting butter - which is what you currently see all over the top.  Who knew I would ever throw my dirty, disgusting microwave out there for all to see.  But here it is...


This pin got tons of repins yesterday and I've seen it several times but never tried it.  It is 1 cup hot water, 1 cup white vinegar placed in the micro for 10 minutes.   

It bubbles and boils and steams as it goes.  After it's done, you are supposed to easily wipe all the grim and goo out.  

Unfortunately I think mine was REALLY stuck on there...it took a little extra elbow grease and a scratchy sponge but I got a large majority of it out.  So here's the afters:

And the comparison...pretty good results :)

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  1. Now this is a pin I can definitely get down with! I'm trying this one out :)

  2. I swear by vinegar for everything. It also works WONDERS if you heat up water/vinegar mix until VERY HOT and use it on the soap scum on your glass shower doors ~ works like a CHARM!

  3. LOVE vinegar! I do this all the time, in my bathroom surfaces too! Great pin!

  4. Tried this out today (I've been meaning to clean my microwave!) and it worked like a charm! I added a little lemon for a nice scent!