Newb Blogger

I am so thankful I did the link up party yesterday :)  A big thank you to Holly and Amy for introducing me to some awesome new blogs and hopefully new friends.

But since this is my real attempt at being a blogger...I have to share some of my newb mistakes and get some help so I don't make them again.  Thanks in advance for the help.

A) On a link up...are you supposed to list your name, your blog name or the title of your post where it says "Name" on the Add Your Link?  I was number 7 and I am pretty darn sure I did it wrong and all of you were thinking...what an idiot!

B) What is the etiquette on responding to comments?  I have just been hitting reply on their comment...but I left comments on some other blogs and got emails back...which leads me to believe that I am doing it all wrong.

Thanks again for the help...I promise I'll do better next time and try not to embarrass myself.

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  1. If you figure any of this out - let me know because I.have.no.clue. I totally didn't know what I was doing either but I am so glad I fumbled around - it was fun:)

  2. It's really up to you, when I do a link up it depends on what it's for on how I name it. For example, if it's a craft I did I put a title that says what it is. On Holly's link up I put my name {not the name of my blog, it's too long} and something cute {Trophy Wife} just to make myself stand out from other Megan's who link up :) On replying I usually reply to the comment, just to say thanks for stopping by or to answer a question they may have had, but not everyone has an email linked to their blog { it will say norelpy@blogger}
    Hope this helps!

  3. also, the problem with replying to a comment in your comments section is that the person probably will not see it, so that's why I do it though my email.

  4. I've been wondering some of the same things; thanks for going out on a limb & asking;-)