My Newest Tat

I'm linking up today with one of my FAVORITE bloggers Melanie from 4KOTTEZ!


So here is my newest tat...

Isn't it sooo cute!  And I let my daughter get a matching one :)

Haha!  This is the only tat or ink that you will probably ever see on me - the temporary wash off kind!  So why did I link up today...because I love Melanie and I thought this was a really fun link up.  

I honestly have never wanted to get a tattoo...there just really isn't anything out there that I can commit to have on my body for the rest of my life.  But if I had to get one I would probably get one on my foot and it would be a dainty, feminine one.  And it would probably have something to do with the three best days of my life - College Graduation Day, Wedding Day and the day Addison was born.  I have nothing against them as long as they are in good taste.  My hubby has 3 and to be honest I barely even realize they are there anymore.  

But...I did not go without self expression and rebelling in college...instead of a tattoo I got my belly button pierced.  I was tinier than I had ever been even in high school and my parents HATED the thought of me putting a huge hole in my belly button which was all the more reason that I got it!  I went to South Padre Island for spring break and partied, partied, partied.  

Look at that tiny waist...I wish I still had that!

After a crazy night in Matamoros, Mexico me and 2 of my girlfriends decided we all wanted to get pierced.  Off we went with 10 frat guys standing around watching us and I literally almost passed out when I got it done.  I kept it in for several years and loved it for a really long time!   

So there's my ink or non-ink story...thanks Mel for hosting this link up! 

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  1. At first I was like 'what the hell!' thennnnn I realized, blonde moment :) ha ha ha!

  2. Well I adore you - you make me smile - this post made laugh hysterically. Thank you for linking up sweet lady AND thanks for the kind words:)

  3. Hi there! New follower from the Let's Talk Tattoos link up. Your daughter is adorable! My daughter was born December 9th 2011...their birthdays are close!