Me, Myself and I

To all my new followers, I am so happy you've found me!  This blog is a place where I can document my life, get motivated and hopefully inspire and make a difference in other's lives.  So for those of you that don't know me very well, I wanted to give you a little insight about who I am and what makes me me!

What I am...
  • A mom to a precious 2 year old named Addison.
  • Wife to my amazing husband Mike who I can't live without and who loves me unconditionally (no matter how crazy I am some days).
  • An Event Planner!  This is my total dream job and I am very fortunate to have such a great team around me to pull off some kick ass events.
  • Food Lover!  I love cooking and eating just about anything.  I will try anything once but carbs are my ultimate weakness.
  • A Runner...this is my "me" time!  I love a good run when I've had a bad day or just need to clear my head.  I may or may not be considering running a half marathon next February.
  • Sleeper - I need my 8 hours people and more to "catch up" on the weekends.  Unfortunately, my 2 year old does not share this trait.
  • Weekend Wino - I love my wine time on Friday and Saturdays.  Just makes the end of my week!  My hubs and I love sitting on the patio, having a drink and chatting.  
  • Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Granddaughter - I have a pretty large extended family and we are all pretty close.  Everyone lives in Texas and most around DFW.  
  • A small business owner - I dabble in design and love doing custom cards, invites, announcements and labels.  This is strictly a hobby but I love making special times in peoples lives more special with unique and custom cards.  Check out my Etsy Shop and follow Cuddlebug Cards on facebook!

What I'm Not...
  • A fashionista...my sister is working on this one but I just don't have an eye for it.  I envy you girls that post pictures of yourself everyday in cute outfits.  
  • Dancer - no Zumba or dancing for this white chick.  Although I do make exceptions to blaring music and dancing in the car (I do catch people staring and laughing at me).
  • A good dieter - hence the whole food and wine lover thing.
  • Big Spender - I am super frugal and since I've had Addison I've been even more frugal.  I look for deals on everything, restaurants, online, clothes, anything.  The only thing I can't get into is grocery couponing..I've tried it but it takes so much time.
  • Good at Remembering - If I don't write it down, it's gone.  My husband says I'm totally ADD and it's really bad when I'm trying to clean the house.  I will be cleaning the kitchen and go to put something in the bathroom then start cleaning something in the bathroom and then realize I was doing stuff in the kitchen.  It's bad.

How come it is that I can think of so many things I am but not that many that I'm not.  

Here is my sweet daughter and love of my life (this is one of my favorite pictures of them - he is an awesome Daddy).

Thanks for following and reading!

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  1. Im a new follower .. Great to get you know you!
    What a great photo! Have a good night :)

  2. We have so much in common! Tell me more about being frugal. I need this in my life. :) Your husband and daughter are precious!

  3. I heart you Meredith. I too am not good at remembering or dieting;)

  4. I myself am a spender, things just make me happy :) My husband hates it! I totally need your services for my cookie party invites!!

  5. I love that you and your Husband sit outside together for wine time. That's a favorite for my man and I as well :) Hope you're having a great day Meredith!

  6. My daughter is two also. :)

    I use coupons for everything, including groceries. I'm able to get two times what I'd otherwise get, because I save money. It takes about an hour a week to gather some coupons together.

    And the sleep? I love it too. Thankfully, M likes sleep too. BUT, it seems like I never get enough sleep! Ha.

  7. I love knowing these facts about you. Thanks for sharing! I also need at least 8 hours of sleep and weekend "catch up" sleep, luckily I usually get the 8 hours but never the catch up. =)

  8. Love your blog - just found it! We definitely share a lot of likes and I'm looking forward to following :)