Project 365 - Week 2

So I don't think I'm getting much better with my camera yet...maybe it's time to invest in some Photography Classes.  I can not get my wiggly toddler to sit still or pose...food is a much easier subject.

Sunday, January 6 - Mama's little helper!  I'm a slave driver and make her do all the laundry...hey she has to earn her keep.

Monday, January 7 - Bath Time...yes I almost forgot to take a picture today :)  And check out that creepy doll...it was mine growing up.

Tuesday, January 8 - I just thought we were over all the sickness...Mike went back to work Monday then ended up with a fever again.  Ugh!  We just can't get well.

Wednesday, January 9 - Who doesn't love a good PB&J Sammie?  I love mine with plain lays potato chips smushed inside.  Don't hate until you've tried it...scrumptious!

Thursday, January 10 - Action Shot!  And who else has a toddler that loves to pull out all their toys and put them all over the floor.  It's like walking through a land mine some days.

Friday, January 11 - We had a Mommy Daughter Day with my friend Carrie and her daughter Emily at the Dallas World Aquarium.  It was AMAZING!  Sorry for all the pics...I couldn't pick my favorite.

Saturday, January 12 - This was my cheat meal on Saturday...hello yummy Milkshake!  I have made it all week without with a dessert so my splurge of god knows how many calories had to be something chocolate.  (And of course Addison got one too)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I have an early date with Jillian Michael's in the morning...gotta keep up the 10 week challenge.

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  1. Toys all over the floor...ughh! Braxton loves to dump out his blocks just to have the company I think & then gets mad when he steps on them;-) Now I'm sorta craving a milkshake & PB & J w/chips...

  2. I SOOO have that same doll from my childhood!! lol