Catching Up....May!

May was just plain insane....between being in my first trimester and pulling off the biggest event I plan all year with over 15,000 people I was CRAZY tired.

There was tons of working from home...sleepness/stressful nights....and trying to get as much time in with my girl.

Our new nightly ritual became sharing Nutella and graham crackers!  Yum-O!

We told our families over Mother's Day weekend that we were pregnant!  They were all totally surprised...my mom seriously thought I was not going to have another baby.  Here is a video of my parents and sisters reaction!

The next weekend Addi went and stayed with my grandparents in Corsicana so we had a little break :) We went with some of our friends to a festival to see some live country music.  It was a fun date night until I lost my iPhone...and it SUCKED!  One week before my biggest event and I had no phone.  I luckily have a great friend who has let me borrow an older iPhone so I didn't have to spend $500 on a new phone.

This was before I lost my phone...and no those aren't my beers :)

And the next weekend was my big event!  And this is why I work day and night and do what I do....15,000 screaming people and smiles on faces :)

And I also snuck my little munchkin backstage to snap a Meet and Greet photo with Easton Corbin.  She has no idea who he is but one day she'll think it's cool :)

And the rest of May I was in recovery mode...I literally worked 18 hours straight then took a 2 hour nap and was back at work the next day and then off to a Memorial Day pool party.  Yep I'm crazy!

Pregnancy - 10 weeks:

Weight Gain?  +2.4 pounds

Sleep?  I had horrible insomnia...between the stress of my event and the having to get up to pee every 2 hours I ended up having to take a half of a unisom to stay asleep all night.

Best Moment this month?  Telling our families about our pregnancy!  

Miss Anything?  Sleep and my iphone :)

Exercise?  Trying to get a run in but not very successful...exercise took a backseat to work this month.

Movement?  Nope

Size of the Baby?  Kumquat, one inch

Belly?  Not showing yet

Food Cravings?  Not that I can remember :(

Gender?  Too Early

Pregnancy Symptoms?  Insomnia and headaches.
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