Catching Up....March

Wow!!!  It has been 5 months since my last post.  Unfortunately, life got crazy and this momma had to prioritize and blogging became last on the list.  But...I'm back and catching up.

March Rundown:

NOLA and the Cruise!

After the LOOOOONNNNGGG drive from Dallas to New Orleans...we settled into our first vacation night with this!  

It was spring break and NOLA was crazy!  And I also learned that I'm too old to start drinking at 4 in the afternoon and trying to hang all night.    

The next morning we had breakfast in NOLA then boarded the boat and did a lot of relaxing and drinking!

Although the cruise was fun...this momma really, really missed my baby.  We had only left her before for a long weekend.  I was a total party pooper for about 24 hours and then got out of my funk and had a really good time with my hubby and our friends.  Here are a few more pics of our first adult vacation since we had Addison.

I total rocked the Bikini in Cozumel!  Best. Feeling. Ever. 

There was lots of yummy adult beverages and food that is BAD for you.

Me and the Hubs in Cozumel

Our party crew!

Formal Night on the Cruise

It was a crazy, fun trip and was definitely well needed for me and my hubby.  But I was really ready to get back home to my little girl.

Addison really loved Easter this year.  I think this is the first year she really enjoyed coloring eggs and hunting Easter eggs. 

Spring Fun!
And we also took a trip to the Grapevine Botanical Gardens for some cute spring pictures and fun.  

And that was our busy March!  

Also...a big, huge thank you for all the positive feedback on me hitting my goal weight.  

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  1. Where have you been??? :) I'm glad your back to blogging and your trip looks so much fun!