Catching Up...June!

Almost totally caught up...Sorry - I want my blog to be in order...so my OCD self won't write anything current until I'm 100% caught up.

So June - 

June entailed lots of relaxing, fun in the sun and family time!  I missed my family soooo much.  I was so crazy busy in May and didn't get to spend nearly enough time with everyone.

Mike went on a boy's camping trip the first weekend in June so Addi and I had a mommy/daughter weekend.  It was so nice to spend time with my girl.

We went and saw her first 3D movie...Epic!

And went to a fireworks show - which she HATED!  We ended up having to leave after about 2 minutes of fireworks.  

June 14-16 was full of excitement!  We thought my sister was going into labor on June 14 :)  So my nephew came over to play and the kiddos played outside in the sprinklers.  They had a blast...but WOMP, WOMP false alarm on the new baby.  She was just dehydrated and it caused her to start having contractions - when she went in they pumped her full of fluids and sent her home.

And June 16 was Mike's birthday and Father's Day.  We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, June 15 with with his favorite home cooked meal (Blackened Chicken Pasta), a Nothing Bundt Cake carrot cake and some gifts.  Addison set the table in our "nice" dining room for family dinner and we even drank out of wine glasses (with juice for me or Addi).  

Yummy cake!

And Presents!

Then father's day started out with Dad's favorite breakfast - Biscuits, Homemade Sausage Gravy and scrambled eggs.  And of course...more gifts!

Addison wrote a special message inside his card and was reading it to him - so cute!

She loves her Daddy!

And then we headed over to my parent's house to swim and celebrate with my parents and family!  My dad's birthday is June 13 too...so there was a lot to celebrate!

They love their Grampy!

My nephew and sister

My Grandpa

And of course we had to have cake and sing to the Birthday Boy!  

June ended pretty uneventful with lots of playing in our little pool and family time :)

Pregnancy - 14 weeks:

Weight Gain?  +4 pounds

Sleep?  Catching up on sleep from May...finally being able to rest without having to take a unisom.

Best Moment this month?  The 14 week appointment was the first one that Mike was able to go to.  Typically I wouldn't have a sonogram until 18-20 weeks but since Mike was there and we were the last appointment of the day she said come on let's go take a peek at that baby :)  It was great for the peace of mind to get to see our little muchkin.

Also, I finally told everyone at work that I was expecting!

Miss Anything?  Not really...trying to be good about eating. 

Exercise?  Nope...wish I could say yes.

Movement?  Not yet

Size of the Baby?  Lemon - 3 1/2 inches

Belly?  Just getting chubby but still in regular clothes.  No baby bump yet.

Food Cravings?  Fresh fruit...my newest obsession - strawberries and grapes dipped in lite cool whip and vanilla yogurt mixed together.  YUM 

Gender?  Too Early

Pregnancy Symptoms?  Starting to get my energy back - I finally managed to stay awake past 10 pm!

I am so relieved to be out of the first trimester.  Now just waiting to feel that baby move.  

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