Catching Up....July (Part 1)!

July was a really fun month for us!  I had a great July 3 event...Addison went on her first airplane...We took a little family trip...my nephew was born...

And we found out the sex of our baby (stay tuned for July Part 2!)

The Independence Day event I run was a HUGE success this year.  We had a bigger crowd this year than we ever have.  It was amazing...and our fireworks are low level so they are literally in your face and beautiful.

I went home about 2 am July 3 and got up the next morning at 5:30 am to hop on a flight down to Houston and Galveston for the holiday weekend.  Our friends rented a condo down in Galveston and invited us to come stay with them...heck ya!  Mike couldn't leave on July 4 because he had to work so Addi and I decided to fly down and then he would drive down and meet us for the weekend.  She had never been on an airplane before so she was super excited.

She was being goofy...but was REALLY good on the flight.  Granted it was only 45 minutes.

My good friend Rachael picked us up from the airport and we hung out that day and let the girls play.

We headed to Freedom Fest in Houston that night.  The lady that books the talent for me for our festivals also runs that one so we were able to get into VIP with free food and drinks.  It was really fun and we left the kiddos home with a sitter so it was nice and relaxing.

Martina McBride - Independence Day (Up close and personal)

Addi was still awake when we got home from the concert so we let her play with sparklers and she loved it.

The next day Mike got in and we headed down to Galveston!  

We stopped for lunch before we headed down to Jamaica beach.

This was the view from our beach house in Jamaica Beach!

We literally stayed on the beach the entire weekend...Addison LOVED jumping waves.  

Addison and Daddy

The friends we went with...plus there were a few more not pictured.  There were 13 of us total!

Morning walk on the beach while everyone else slept in.

Ms Priss

These two cuties were inseparable...they loved playing together :)

Our last night on the beach

This girl was worn out and slept a good 2 hours of the trip home.

We got home on Sunday and about an hour after we walked in the door, my nephew came over to spend the night because my sister was being induced the next day!!!  She got to the hospital that morning and by 11 am they called and said she was close to pushing.  We rushed to the hospital so this proud big brother could meet his new sibling.

My sister did not find out before what she was having...so Cody brought a girl and boy blanket to give his new sibling.

Cody telling us what sex the new bundle of joy was.

It's a BOY!  The proud new parents!

Addison loved her new baby cousin!

Sorry again for the SUPER long post...stay tuned for July Part 2...It's A _______!

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