Letters To My Babies and 26 Weeks!

Good morning and Happy Hump Day!  

I haven't done a link up in forever but this one is right up my alley.  A letter to my kiddos when they are all grown up (tear).  I've decided to take another perspective on it and do "My Promise As Your Mom" letter since I don't know much about this new little one.


To my babies (Yes you are still my babies even though you are adults and you always will be),

I imagine you both as successful, happy adults that your dad and I haven't screwed up too much.  I have a feeling that Addison will be a strong, confident, independent, bossy young lady with goals and a drive just like your mom.  And I have a feeling that this new little one will be very laid back just like his daddy and that I will probably have to kick his butt some days to get him motivated.

But no matter who you are and who you become, I will always love you both.  So here you go...these are my promises to you as your mom:

  • I will support you in whatever you do and will help you to achieve your goals
  • I will spoil you even though you are a grown adult
  • Mine and your dads house is always your house - you are welcome to visit as often as you want
  • I will try to let you learn from your own mistakes as hard as that's going to be for me
  • I will always make family dinner on Sunday and hope that you (and your friends/family) will join us
  • I will be honest with you
  • I will be there on your 21st Birthday to buy you your first drink as an adult
  • I will try not to be too overbearing and let you live your life
  • I will still give you a kiss and a hug and tell you I love you each time I see you
  • I promise to be a good listener and sounding board
  • I will give you advice when asked but understanding if you decide to go another direction
  • I will respect your privacy but will be as involved as you want me to
  • I will not pressure you to make the rounds over the holidays and will try and share as best I can
  • I promise to be the best mom I can possibly be
  • And last but not least - I will love you unconditionally and forever

I love you both to the moon and stars,


Pregnancy - 26 weeks:

Weight Gain?  +21.6 pounds - This makes another 4 pound weight gain...ugh!  

Sleep?  Much better but still getting up at least once or twice to pee.  Good thing I barely remember getting up and fall asleep pretty quickly

Best Moment this week?  Not swelling!!!  This is huge right now...last week my ankles and feet were huge and really uncomfortable.  I took it easy this weekend and they miraculously went down :)

Miss Anything?  Being comfortable - this pregnancy has been a lot more uncomfortable than my pregnancy with Addison.  With her I felt almost 100% and could pretty much do anything.  With this one it seems like everything hurts. 

Exercise?  Yes but not as much as I should.  I really can't wait for fall to start so we can take walks at night.  It is still 90 degrees outside!

Movement?  Like a little ninja

Size of the Baby?  Scallion - 1 2/3 pound and 14 inches

Belly?  Yup and I'm unmistakably pregnant now

Food Cravings?  Toffee!!!!  I made toffee twice last week (once for a Sip and See for my sister and once for a bake sale at work) and I had some left over pieces that I have been eating for the last week.  Thankfully it and almost all the other sweets have been eaten out of my house.  If it's there I eat it, if it's not then I don't!

Gender?  It's a BOY!  No names picked out yet.

Pregnancy Symptoms?  Swelling a lot in week 25 but none in week 26.  Some slight back pain and almost a cramping feeling when I overdo it.

I totally got photo bombed this morning...gotta love that little stinker :)

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  1. Thanks for linking with us Mere! I have to admit you are the first to do a promise list and I'm obsessed! How sweet for Addison and baby boy to read someday. Oh, and look at you rocking that bump! Happy 26 weeks. :)

  2. You still look so darn skinny! Your arms are still so tiny, Meredith. :)