24 Weeks

Pregnancy - 24 weeks:
Growing Belly

Weight Gain?  +17.6 pounds (Yup that's 4 pounds in 2 weeks - yikes!)  I am really trying to think about weight gain in a positive way but I really hate watching that scale go up after getting to my goal weight back in April.  I know that I have to gain weight to have a healthy baby and pregnancy but it is tough.  

Sleep?  A little insomnia this last weekend - Addison fell out of her bed in the middle of the night on Saturday night and when I came back to bed my hubby was snoring.  I can't sleep at all when he snores so I tossed and turned for 2 hours.  Ugh...thank goodness it was the weekend and I could nap.  Speaking of naps - I literally take one or two every weekend!

Best Moment this week?  I had a Doctor's appointment today and everything looked great - he is even measuring big.  Crossing my fingers he is a little big and comes a little early (I really, really, really don't want a Christmas Eve baby)

Miss Anything?  Soda - I know there are caffeine free ones and ones that are natural but I try and get in as much water as I can.   

Exercise?  Yes...so how do I explain the weight gain.  Not really sure :(

Movement?  Tons!

Size of the Baby?  Ear of Corn - 1 1/3 pound

Belly?  Totally in maternity clothes now and still loving dresses.  Best thing about maternity clothes is I feel like I'm wearing PJ pants to work every day.

Food Cravings?  Frozen Yogurt and I got some today...super yummy!  And looking forward to yummy pumpkin treats!!!

Gender?  It's a BOY!  No names picked out yet.

Pregnancy Symptoms?  The infamous line (Linea Nigra) from my belly button down.  And I still can't breathe...it is miserable.  I am out of breath taking in groceries, walking up stairs or lifting anything if it's hot.  Besides that just the normal aches and pains of pregnancy.
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  1. You look super cute! I've been away from reading blogs for so long I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations, and I hope you enjoy your little boy, they are the best!!!