Holiday Shenanigans!

I am finally in the Christmas mood!  This past weekend really sealed the deal and it's finally winter weather outside...we had SNOW.

We had a fun filled Holiday Weekend and it started with a kid free night!  My parents are the best and kept Addi while Mike and I went to his company Christmas Party.  It was filled with food, laughs, friends and lots of drinks.  And they had a photobooth...this was sooooooo much fun...totally recommend it!

And Saturday we got to celebrate Christmas with Mike's mom, sister and niece.  The girls and I headed to see Christmas lights after dinner and we stopped off at a concert and food truck round up.  Addison was super scared of Santa at first but then after getting a special treat she changed her mind and finally sat on his lap for a picture.  

Sunday morning we constructed a gingerbread house...and no one told me how hard it was to make all the pieces stay together...it took way more than one try :)  The girls were totally occupied for over an hour decorating.

It was a great weekend...and another plus...presents are ALL wrapped (which I hate doing), house is cleaned (thanks to our overnight guests) and we have tomorrow off work for Addison's Birthday (I can't believe she is 3!). Addi and I are going to do an extra special Birthday Vlog tomorrow so make sure you check it out.  


Lastly...Congrats to Becca at Four Buggers for winning the Cuddlebug Cards Give Away!  I have a turn around time of 24 hours right now and can still get you your Holiday Orders!

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  1. The photo booth pictures look so fun! Your gingerbread house turned out so nice, makes me want to make one!

    Happy Birthday Addison!!

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster Award.