Christmas 2012...The Bad :(

Christmas this year wasn't all cookies and eggnog :(  For almost 2 weeks straight I was the Lysol Queen.  We got hit with awful, terrible, disgusting stomach flu.  

After Addison's sweet school performance on December 12...it was a total pukefest for 3 days straight.  Followed by an ear infection and fever for another 3 days.  My poor baby has never been as sick as she was.  

She (We) slept on a mattress on the living room floor for 3 days and literally did not move.  She would barely eat or drink anything and would throw up all her medicine every time we gave it to her.  We were all miserable.

Unfortunately, her birthday party was scheduled for that Saturday.  Needless to say we had to reschedule  (fortunately, we celebrated as a family earlier in the week).  But the only date option available was the Saturday before Christmas...so we ended up going from about 10 kids down to 3 kids :(  But they all had fun playing at the "Ark" at her Wild Birthday themed party.    

Grammy and Addison on the Big Slide

Happy Birthday to you!

We also missed Christmas at my grandparents house in Corsicana which was kind of depressing.  She is the BEST cook and we missed out on a true Czechoslovakian meal.  

Then Christmas Eve...my poor hubby started running a fever.  Yep...the flu strikes again.  He literally missed all of Christmas which is his favorite holiday.  And when he finally went to the doctor after running a 104 fever, he missed the window for Tamiflu so he has had to ride it out.  So I played nurse again shoving popsicles, chicken noodle soup, crackers and medicine down his throat.  

And now...for New Year's we are all snotty, congested and have sore throats.  So tomorrow night will be a stay in, rest, take plenty of nyquil and go to bed early kind of night.  

I am ready for this holiday to be over and I'm putting my glass up high for a healthy start to the new year!  We are doubling up on Black Eyed Peas.  
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