Skinny Copycat Wine A Rita

I love a frozen, fruity drink on a warm spring or summer day.  When my sister and I were in Canton we saw Wine A Rita's and fell in LOVE!  They are very yummy :)  Unfortunately, they also have tons of calories and are full of sugar.  120 Calories and 31 grams of sugar for 1 serving plus 150 calories for the wine.  One drink is 270 Calories - and I can drink several they are so good - YIKES!  And they retail for $12 for one blender package of mix. 

So this sent me on a quest to find a SKINNY and INEXPENSIVE Wine A Rita Copycat Recipe.  Someone online suggested Crystal Light so I thought I'd give it a try.  The combo I tried (Lemonade and White Zinfandel) was AMAZING and only 155 calories!!!  See below for other combos.   

Skinny Copycat Wine A Rita's for 2

2 Servings

1 Single Serve Lemondae Flavored Crystal Light Mix

16 oz White Zinfandel or Blush Wine

32 oz Ice

Other Combos: 
  • Moscato and Raspberry Peach
  • Merlot and Raspberry Ice or Cherry Pomegranate
  • Chardonnay and Margarita Mocktail (Yes they have mocktails now...Skinny Margarita anyone?)
  • Riesling and Appletini Mocktail


1.  Pour Crystal Light mix into pitcher.

2.  Pour in Wine and blend until mix is dissolved.

3.  Add Ice and blend until smooth. 

Pour into a wine glass and enjoy! 

Calories (according to my count): 

1 - 8 oz Glass - 155 calories Pin It


  1. Peculiar article, totally what I needed.

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  2. I live in Canton and have had the wine a rita from the winery...omg...they are so good !!!! I have wanted a cheaper way to make them also, thankyou for the recipes..and ideas..im in heaven now !!!

  3. White Zinfandel and cystal light raspberry Ice mixed with lots of ice and a slice of orange and lemon and lime....Delicious sangria.....mmmm.