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I've decided to register for the Dallas Running Clubs 10K Race on July 7 - hopefully having all of you follow me will keep me on the track with a 12 week plan to run 6.2 miles. 

Mike and I recently got a jogging stroller which has been the best investment.  We typically run 3-4 times a week and anywhere between 2 miles to 3.5 miles a day.  Here is what I ran last week:

Monday (4.9.12) - 2.56 miles @ 00:28:37
Tuesday (4.10.12) - 2.71 miles @ 00:29:29
Wednesday (4.11.12) - Boot Camp
Thursday (4.12.12) - 2.51 miles @ 00:28:55

And let me mention that Mike is MUCH faster than me....he typically pushes the jogging stroller and still is much faster and has to circle back for me to catch up. 

Tomorrow I begin my 12 week training program for the 10K on July 7!  Here is the official plan for running - stay tuned for my weekly progress.

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