Six Weeks of Scary

Besides Halloween where this little princess


had a blast getting candy and hanging with her cousin and friend, I've been on a pregnancy roller coaster.

My 28 week appointment was supposed to be the routine pee in a cup, weight check, blood pressure, tummy measurement, out.  But...much to mine and the PA's surprise my uterus was measuring big.  There was actually a student PA in there and she measured me 3 times then turned to the PA and said I think you should try.  Well my uterus was measuring 33 weeks at 28 weeks (5 weeks ahead).

She explained briefly that anything over 3 weeks they start to get concerned and that she wanted to do an ultrasound.  I assumed she meant at 35 weeks which is what they had been saying all along.  But she shocked me when she said no we need you to come in tomorrow because we are concerned with your amniotic fluid level.  I was kind of in disbelief and didn't ask many questions but scheduled an ultrasound for the next day.

When I got home I went straight to Dr. Google (which I shouldn't have done).  Dr. Goggle told me I have polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) and of course that can mean there could be all kind of different problems with the baby including chromosomal abnormalities and gastrointestinal abnormalities.  So I freaked out, was in tears and could barely sleep or concentrate the next day at work.  Mike and I went in that afternoon with fear in our hearts.

Luckily everything looked great with this little guy - he is just really big.  I did have more amniotic fluid than normal but the tech said that with big babies it was totally normal.

Phew...we felt so much better after seeing him and being reassured by the tech that everything looked great.

My 30 week appointment went great-still measuring big but everything else was fine.  I saw the PA for this appointment and she wasn't too concerned with the ultrasound results and said they would do another one at 35 weeks to see how big he was.  She said he could have just hit a growth spurt and he may level out by then.  I came out of that appointment on cloud 9.

We went in for a 3D sonogram that weekend and LOVED seeing our sweet little guy blink, yawn, smile and move around.

At 32 weeks I got to see my doctor for the first time in 6 weeks.  She looked through my ultrasound from the past few weeks and did my measurements again and told me she was still a little concerned with the fluid levels and to come back for another ultrasound just to check.  When I asked what she was concerned with she said that high fluid levels can increase the risk of preterm labor.  It scared me a little but not as much as the last one.  She pretty much said from here on we will be doing these every 2-3 weeks and may also do a non stress test just to make sure he is okay.  So out to the receptionist I headed and scheduled the ultrasound for the following Tuesday (Nov 5th).

I had a fun weekend of celebrating ahead and honestly was not too worried about the next week.  My sister and one of best high school friends threw me a baby sprinkle that weekend and this little guy is so blessed and spoiled already.  I had a great time hanging out with friends and family.  We had a few friends over after the shower and had a really fun and busy weekend.

32 weeks pregnant

Rachel (hostess), Me and Kelly

My Sister, Me and my mom

But the fun ended Sunday night.  I started having contractions and they were close together (like every 5 minutes) but they were only about 30 seconds and not nearly as intense as I remembered when I had Addison.  I went back online to Dr. Google and read that you should lay down on your left side and drink tons of water.  If they don't go away after an hour then go to L&D.  Luckily mine went away after 5 bottles of water in 45 minutes.  Another scare avoided!

I left work early Tuesday and headed in for my ultrasound.  This time by myself.  Mike started a new job within the last month and doesn't really have the time off to go to each appointment.

The ultrasound tech called me back and started measuring the baby and fluid levels.  And holy shit if he wasn't measuring 6lbs 3oz at 33 weeks and his head is in the 97th percentile.  He is BIG!  And my fluid level is at a 31 (normal is 5-25).  She also wanted to measure my cervix since I did have contractions the past weekend.  And here comes the scary part - my cervix is thinning already - it's down to 1.76 cm.

They made me wait for the PA to go over the results which is not normal for their office.  Typically they wait until the next appointment.  So the PA walks in and tells me due to my cervix thinning, contractions and the fluid level I am on bed rest for at least the next 3 weeks.  Talk about jaw hit the floor.  Ummm I have a 3 year old, husband and full time job with my busiest event season around the corner.  But she tells me I am literally on house arrest with my feet up.  I can recline and lay down and I'm not supposed to be walking or on my feet for more than 15 minutes at a time.  The biggest concern is that while he's big, his lungs aren't fully developed.  She said most likely at 36 weeks they will let me go back to work and normal life.  But until then - nothing!!!

So I of course freaked again!  I had a baby shower from my work friends the next night, a Veterans Day Event on Monday and plans to decorate the nursery for the weekend.  But I was told to cancel it all and put my feet up.

A cute diaper four wheeler from one of my sweet coworkers.
They brought me my gifts on Friday - I'm so lucky they are so supportive.
I'm now on Day 6 and not gonna lie I'm having a really hard time.  I hate, hate sitting still...it's just not me.  Luckily my boss is letting me work from home and my friends and family have been super supportive.  But the person who has been the most amazing is my husband.  He has had to be mom and dad for the last week.  He experienced grocery shopping at Walmart by himself and actually did really good and he's been cooking, cleaning and taking care of Addi and me.  He's also been my rock and I love him so much.

I go back to the doctor today and I'm honestly not sure what to expect.  I will update this week on what my doctor had to say-crossing my fingers things are getting better and not worse.  

Prayers and advice are welcome on getting through the next 2 weeks.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm prying for you.

  2. I will most definitely keep you & your baby (and hubby & Addi) in my prayers!
    I had the opposite problem with my pregnancy with my Addie. My water broke at 14 weeks & we were basically told to go home and wait for what would be my 4th miscarriage. Praise God that was not the case. I wasn't put on bed rest right away, but at 20 weeks, when my fluid level was 2.8, I was put on bed rest at home, then at 24 1/2 weeks (age of viability), I was hospitalized until she was born at 28 weeks 3 days at 2lbs 2.5oz. All that to say, I understand where you are coming from with having to be on bed rest & will be praying for and thinking of you!!