Bumpdate - Half Way through Bed Rest

I am officially 34 weeks and half way through my stint of bed rest.  This has been a pretty tough week for me emotionally.  I was a tearful wreck on Wednesday but with the weekend around the corner I am feeling better.

Having my hubby home makes things better :)

I went to the Doctor this past Tuesday and she pretty much told me sorry - you are still on bed rest until 36 weeks.  I have another sonogram next Tuesday and every week after that until I deliver.  So not much new news this week.  Crossing my fingers that next weeks results are good.

Pregnancy - 34 weeks:

Weight Gain?  +26 pounds - My weight gain has really slowed down in the third trimester.  Not sure if it's the bed rest or if it's just everything is going straight to him but I'm okay with it slowing down.

Sleep?  Insomnia is horrible.  My hubby's alarm goes off at 4:30 am and I literally wake up and stay up for an hour to hour and a half before I can go back to bed.

Best Moment this week?  This is a tough one this week...my family, friends and coworkers have been truly amazing and I am so thankful for the support system.

Miss Anything?  Being able to go shopping.  I have a nursery waiting on me to decorate it :)

Exercise?  Walking from the bedroom to the living room :)

Movement?  Oh yes...and he is LOW.  He hits my bladder and I'm afraid I'm not going to make it to the bathroom.  And somehow he is kicking a nerve every once in awhile that makes my legs go totally weak. 

Size of the Baby?  Last sono he was measuring 6 lbs 3 oz.

Food Cravings?  No real cravings - getting full a lot faster.

Gender?  It's a BOY!

Pregnancy Symptoms?  Bed Rest :(

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  1. Hang in there, hopefully you will get a good report on Tuesday.