If you knew me!

If you really knew me, you'd know:
  • I love Tex Mex and could it eat for every meal, every day.  Chips & Salsa, Queso, Enchiladas, Fajitas, empanadas, chili rellenos...yum!
  • I love cooking but hate baking.
  • I have an obsession with my iPhone - it goes everywhere with me (even the bathroom)
  • I am a wanna be crafter.
  • I am not a dancer (no Zumba for this white girl).
  • I would wear jeans, a tshirt and flip flops every day if I could. 
  • I just completed my 1st Half Marathon!
  • I love the feeling of clean sheets.
  • I hate putting away laundry and dishes.
  • My car is ALWAYS dirty.
  • I love copying things from Pinterest...love all the ideas. Follow Me!
  • I do not like shopping, except for Black Friday.
  • I wake up thinking about food and what I'm going to have for all 3 meals...my hubby thinks thats so weird.
  • I love festivals and events!  Hence my job as an event planner.
  • I can not put a cute outfit together to save my life...I am not a fashionista.  I stick with solids and black or gray most days.
  • My running mix is a combo of country music, pop and old school rap..."Give me that donkey butt and them big ol legs" :)
  • I love EXCEL!  
  • I dabble in graphic design and love doing custom cards (check out my Etsy shop - Cuddlebug Cards)
  • Vacations are always pool and beach driven!  My favorite is a cruise (14 days until we leave!!!!).
  • My favorite thing at Christmas is the stockings!  
  • If you don't know what to give me for a gift...you can be sure I'll love a pedicure, massage or wine.
  • I hate scary movies...I even turn the commercials on mute or switch channels.
  • I love blaring music and dancing with my 3 year old (even if it is Dora).
  • My favorite scent is vanilla.
  • I think the things my daughter says are hilarious (even when they are wildly inappropriate)
  • I hate mustard juice...gross!
  • My favorite date with my hubby is sitting on the patio, having a glass of wine (beer for him) and just talking.
  • The thing I'm most proud of is being a great mom and wife!  I love you Mike and Addison!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
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  1. I'm with you on the Tex Mex - delicious! And you have an adorable family!

  2. Right on w/ the mustard juice -- ketchup juice gives me the willies, too!

    Great, fun post!