16 weeks of training...and it was totally worth It!

Half Marathon has been checked off the bucket list!  I'm super duper proud of myself and really tired :)

I was so nervous leading up to today.  I did my best to fuel, hydrate and rest this week.  And last night we went out for pasta (yum-o) and I came home and was in bed by 9:30.  My alarm went off at 4:45 am and I was not ready to get up but I had an hour drive ahead of me.

I finally got there a few minutes before it started, used a disgusting port a potty and got in my corral.  The Cowtown is a ginormous race and there were 6870 half marathon finishers.  I did this race 100% solo...it was me and my music (which explains the lack of pictures).  The weather was perfect for a race...40 degrees, sunny and no wind.

I started off at the back of the pack (Corral 4 out of 5) which was a 2:30 finishing time.  Even though I said I just wanted to finish I really wanted to make it under 2:30.

The first few miles were weaving and bobbing through the crowd.  It spread out around mile 3 and I was able to get into a groove and just run.   And I also did a ton of people watching...and I have to make a PSA.  Ladies-not all tights are created equal, please check out your ass before running in them in public.  I saw WAY too many cheeks peeking through tights that were waaaay to thin.

I hit mile 6 through which took us through the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Sorry for the picture quality I tried to take it with my iPhone armband camera.  And I passed the 2:30 pace leader...score!

Right before mile 9 and a ginormous hill there was a refueling station with goo and fruit.  I grabbed some goo and decided to walk the hill instead of run which was the only time I actually walked the entire race.I hit mile 11 and heard all the people around me saying the huge tower is the finish line.  I could finally see the end!  I decided to take a quick selfie.

Mile 12 is where I had to really stay focused and talk my way to the end.  Everyone else around me started walking.  I was dodging walkers left and right and I just kept telling myself "Just don't stop"  "Just don't stop."

Thank god for the finish line crowd and all the crafty signs.  I knew I was close when I saw finishers with their medals walking to their cars (which was also discouraging).  I finally hit mile 13 and the final straight away which was a glorious feeling!!!  I went total dork mode hands in the air crossing the finish line.I gulped down some water and was rewarded with this awesome medal.  

Then I got this text...

I finished in under 2:30!!!!  I forwarded this to my husband and was almost in tears.  The 16 weeks of training all led up to this amazing moment!!!  I can't even explain the pride I felt.

I stretched, grabbed a banana and my finishers shirt and headed home on Cloud 9.Not sure if I will ever run a half again but I'm so glad I completed it.  This had always been on my bucket list and it can now be checked off.

The rest of the day was filled with Gatorade (I didn't want this to happen again), relaxation and eating way to much. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and thanks to everyone for the support and sweet messages.
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  1. Congrats!! What a huge accomplishment.
    Shauna {www.shaunawyrick.com}