Win these! Happy Birthday Cuddlebug Cards!

Cuddlebug Cards is my little side business that I started one year ago!  And I'm super excited to share it with my blog readers too :)

In celebration, I am doing a Facebook give away for these super cute {Skinny} return labels.  Here's how to enter:

Hit up my facebook page - www.facebook.com/cuddlebugcards (Make sure you hit Like).  Comment on the Happy One Year Birthday Cuddlebug Cards post and you are entered to win 24 printed Skinny Labels.  The winner will be chosen on November 14 at 7:00 pm.

Also, I'm doing a special offer - get 20% off all your orders on my Etsy Shop (www.etsy.com/shop/cuddlebugcard) through November 18 - use Coupon Code ONE12.   

I'm working on getting my Holiday Cards up this week and will have a great give away this weekend for my blog followers so stay tuned!  I'm also thinking about sponsoring a give away on another blog - send me an email (meredowdy@gmail.com) if this is something that interests you (I'm only doing one or two) so give me a great reason to pick you.  

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  1. These are so cute! I going to go check out your etsy shop right now. And of course like your facebook so I can win. =)

  2. You "crafties" amaze me:-) And when do you find the time working mommy? Good for you!