We are Blessed!

I think this has been the best Thanksgiving we have had as a family in awhile!  Our holiday was filled with food, laughs, family and SHOPPING!

And...for the first time ever I worked out on Thanksgiving...whoot whoot!  I got in a 3 miler instead of a 4 but that's because I had a Pumpkin Gooey Cake in the oven and I only had 40 minutes.  Addi wanted to get out of the house so I stuck her in the jogging stroller and we took off.  It's been awhile since I've pushed that thing and it kicked my butt.

We went to my parents house for lunch and here was the spread...yummo!

Here is the stuffed celery that got so much attention on Tuesdays Turkey Trot Link Up.  See those little red specs...its pimento, olives and cream cheese.  It is weird but my family has it every year.

And my family favorite, must have side dish - Sweet Potato Casserole (get the recipe here).

I totally piled up my plate and had a little bit of everything...and I only went back once to grab a little more turkey and cranberry sauce.  And then came dessert...I had to do the sampler plate.  I just can't pass on my mom's pecan pie and Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without something pumpkin.

The kiddos hit the sack after lunch and so did some of the adults :)  We all hung out and watched the (sucky) Cowboy Game and my sis and I checked out all the Black Friday Ads.

Kiddos after their naps with Grampy.
Then we hit up the leftovers....what makes these so great?  I think I love the leftovers more than the original meal.  My fav - a turkey, mayo, cranberry sauce, stuffing on white bread sandwich.  If you have never tried this...it is so good.

My sister and I are the crazy people that love Black Friday Shopping!  It is our tradition and I think part of it is that we get to go shopping without kids and spend some girl time together.  And the people watching is hilarious!  We went to Walmart at 8 pm but it was pure chaos so we ended up with nothing.  We hit the sack and were back up and shopping at 6 am the next morning.  We actually got most everything we wanted to...look at all those bags!

After a great holiday, I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family!  I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

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  1. I love leftover turkey sandwiches...never thought to add stuffing, yum! I had plenty o' bags too...just had to look at the receipts this morning;-(

  2. great job on running on turkey day. i did that too which I have never done before....but I'm pretty sure I used this excuse to eat more. oopsy. :)