Family Vacation - Part 2!

Just us!  We were sad to see Nate and Kelly go but excited to get to spend time together with just the three of us.  We spent a LOT of time on the beach and got to do a little shopping!  Check out the pics below:

Day 4:  Lots of Beach Time 

The "Beach Castle" had tons of families which was wonderful!  Addi met a friend, Sandler that we played with for the rest of the week.  These girls had a blast building sand castles :)

This pizza was so yummy!  I have been on this white pizza kick lately and this one was amazing - it had chicken, alfredo sauce, fresh tomatoes, spinach, artichokes and cheese.  I typically go for all sea food when I'm at the beach but we decided to check out this local place..I highly recommend it http://www.nypizzeria.com/!  Oh and check for Groupons if you go - we got 50% off.  

Day 5:  Beach and Shopping

We went to the beach and played all morning long...this was our last full day down there so we headed out early.  We met Sandler again...got some good sun and sea shells!

After nap time we headed down to the Strand for some shopping.  Going to the Strand is a must if you visit Galveston.  Where was our first stop?  La King's Confectionery....they are an old fashioned Soda Shop and Candy Company.  They have been open forever...I remember going there as a little girl.  Addi stocked up on a ton of gummys and snacked on them as we strolled down the strand.  They have tons of other cool shops too.  And...you can walk down the strand and drink alcohol as you stroll...drinking and shopping :)

Yep...we went back to the Spot!  I'm telling you it is awesome food and happy hour specials.  Here we all are enjoying our yummy dinner...try it people, it's great!

And probably my favorite picture from the trip!  This was our last night in Galveston so we spent the evening walking in the waves.

Day 6:  Kemah then Dallas

We packed up early and said by to the beach and our Beach Castle.  But vacation wasn't over yet...we decided to make one last stop at the Kemah Boardwalk.

This place was amazing...they had rides, an aquarium, tons of restaurants, a fountain and lots more!  Plus - it is on the water and voted one of the top 10 Boardwalks in the US. 

This is my second favorite picture...she loved the ride!  We only rode a few since there weren't too many for her height but there were a lot for the older kiddos.

Here's Addi and Mike at the aquarium..there were lots of fish, alligators and sharks.  You could even go upstairs to the aquarium restaurant where you felt like you were eating under water.  

And the aquarium has a stingray feeding tank!  It was so cool to feed and touch them.

This was the last stop before our long drive back - we had lunch at a little restaurant featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  They had the best homeade steak fingers :)

We were happy to be home but had the best vacation!  I really do miss the beach and at some point in our future we will be buying a "Beach Castle" of our own.

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