Family Vacation - Galveston Island!

For those of you not tired of seeing all the facebook pictures...here are more!  We went to Galveston for 6 days and it was AH MAZING!!!!  I know you are all saying how could Galveston be amazing - so here's where I get sappy.  I got to spend 10 full days with my precious family which only happens once in a blue moon.  I loved every single minute of our time together and was so sad that I had to go back to work.

Here's a fun rundown of all the things we did - sorry for all the pics but I just couldn't pick a few.

Day 1:  Arrive in Galveston & Fun with Friends

Addi was great in the car...we woke her up super early 5:45am to get in and head to Galveston.  With the help of Dora, colors, lots of snacks and a stop at Bucee's - we made it to Galveston in 5 hours. 

This was our Beach Castle, as Addi called it.  Palisade Palms is a beautiful high rise on the East End of Galveston - it has magnificent views and is literally right on the beach - no seawall crossing for us.

We split our trip with our good friends Nate and Kelly, they stayed at the condo a few days with us and we stayed a few days by ourselves.  Our friends Rachel, Nathan and Baby Mia came from Houston to play and have dinner.  Uncle Nate was helping put the girls to bed...he's so good with these girls :)

Day 2:  First Day on the Beach and Pampering

Vacation for us does not mean sleeping in!  We were up and at the beach super early picking up sea shells while Daddy, Kelly and Nate slept in.

This is my beach baby!  She was worn out after a morning of jumping waves and building sand castles.  She LOVED the beach!

Kelly and I got to slip off for a few hours for some much deserved Girl Time!  We went and got our toes done and had some Miami Vices (Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri mix) - YUMMY!

Day 3:  Dolphins and The Spot

We took a Dolphin tour through the bay of Galveston.  The dolphins were being bashful so we didn't see very many BUT we got a really cool tour of the bay and learned a lot about Galveston and it's history.

Then we headed to our favorite happy hour and restaurant place - The Spot!  They have the best shrimp kisses (bacon wrapped shrimp with pepper jack cheese)...yummy!!!  And they also have great hamburgers.

That wraps up our first 3 days...stay tuned for days 4-6!

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