My sweet hubby joined the 30's Club this last weekend! Addi and I surprised Mike with a Pool Party full of fun, food, friends and of course adult beverages. Some of our best friends Nate and Kelly graciously hosted for us and we had a blast hanging out with a lot of our close friends. Thanks to everyone for coming - we had a GREAT time!  Here are some fun pics from the evening.  

Mike's Beer Cake!  
He is not a big fan of desserts...I know it's crazy, BUT he loves Beer :)
Saw this on pinterest and had to make him one.  See Below for Beer Cake Instructions.

Welcome to the 30 Club!

Hanging out by the pool!  

What was Addi's favorite part?  CUPCAKES!!!

Beer Cake Instructions

3 Round Cake Boards (10")

Aluminum Foil

24 Pack of Can Beer

Decorations - Ribbons, Etc


1.  Cut down the middle and top layer cake boards to 8" and 6"

2.  Cover cake boards with aluminum foil

3.  Stack the beers and decorate the layers

It's SUPER easy.  One tip - you can't move it once it's built so you have to build it in place.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. love,love the beer cake, I am going to make one for my husband's birthday.
    what did you put between the layers of cans?